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40" X1 Full Size LED Rooftop Warning Emergency Light Bar with Work Light

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LED Display Control Box with Work Light Function


SKU : 40X1LB-W

Professional Grade and High Quality All in One Emergency Warning Light Bar with Spot light

2 Year Warranty Included

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  • X1 All in One Full Size 40" Super Slim LED Rooftop Warning Emergency Light Bar with Spot Light is our newest hot sell product. It is equipped with 128 high-intensity Super Bright LEDs, SAE Class 1 rated LED casts 360 degrees of emergency lighting coverage with highest light intensive during the day or night; Ensures the safety of yourself and others on the road. 
  • Color : Amber & White, it equipped with 360 degree Spot light to ensure you can see well in any angle during the night time.
  • HIGH QUALITY -- Professional-Grade design with double-layer aluminum alloy board. Highly durable and made to endure harsh conditions. Long Life of up to 100,000 Hours. Ruggedized all-weather include snow or rain and it design for year-round operation.
  • EASY INSTALLATION -- Easily mount this 40" full-size LED light bar on your vehicle's rooftop with the included universal gutter bracket set- there's no need to drill any holes! 
  • DIMENSIONS -- 40" ( Length ) x 4.7"( Width) x 2.2" ( Height )
  • Super Slim Light Bar in Black
  • Fully Waterproof for Exterior Use
  • IP67

This Newest Light Bar Include the following Three Functions :

1) Full Warning Mode : The Whole Light Bar will Flash For Warning Purpose

2) Work Light Mode : All the Amber Color Lights will be OFF while all the White Lights in the Light Bar will be on Solid Spot Light Mode, so you can get Bright Light 360 degree around your truck.

3) Warning Mode + Spot Light Mode : All the Amber Color Lights will be flashing for warning purpose while all the White lights will be on solid Spot light mode, so you can have both warning light for safety and Spot lights to light up your work area.


This Light Bar comes with total 5 wires for hard wire to a ON/OFF if without Control Box


Packaged Included :

X1 40" Super Slim Light Bar

Magnetic Mount / Permanent Mount