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Automo Lighting

A4 - GEN 5 Brightest Warning Strobe Lightbhead

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We are proud to introduce newest and hottest surface mount LED light heads to ever hit the market. Uniquely designed by our own engineers, we have created the dependable, inexpensive, SAE APPROVED LED surface/grille mount. Our design has been rigorously tested to handle all weather and road conditions. Rain, snow, hail, ice, salt, sleet and mud are no match to our lightheads.

Each LED unit utilizes Four 3 watt LEDs and are available in both solid and split colors. Colors flash simultaneous or alternating with 22 different patterns. They can be synchronized to work together with many other LED modules. The size of these light heads allow them to be mounted in numerous locations such as: grilles, bumpers, dash, deck, or anywhere else your imagination can take you. Each light head comes standard with a black mounting flange and hardware.

Product Features:

 Generation 5 LED surface mount lighthead
 Weather and vibration resistant
 Self-contained 22 patterns
 Alternating or simultaneous flashing


4 wires for simple set-up:

Red = Positive electrode

Black = Negative electrode

Blue = Touch Black wire to change patterns

Yellow = Synchronization, Connect all yellow wires of all lightheads together for synchronization. All lightheads must be on same flashing pattern to be able to sync


 Technical Specifications:
 Voltage: 12-24 VDC

4" length x 0.75" Width x 1.1" Height

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: 12-24 VDC
4 pcs of 3W LED
Color available :   Amber,    Amber & White,   Blue,   Blue & White,   Red,    Red & White,    White
Lens: TIR

22 Different Flashing Patterns


Flash Patterns:

1. Quad Burst - Split
2. Quad Burst - All
3. Quad Burst Alternating
4. Quad - Split
5. Quad - All
6. Quad Alternating
7. Single - Split
8. Single - All
9. Single - Alternating
10. Super Flash - Split
11. Super Flash - All
12.  Super Flash - Alternating
13. Quad/Single w/ Quad Burst - Split
14. Quad/Single w/ Quad Burst
15. Accelerator - Split
16. Accelerator - All
17. Express Flash
18. California Steady with Pulse
19. California Steady
20. Steady All
21. Cycle Flash Split & All
22. Off