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D1S D1R D3S D3R HID Bulb Xenon HID Headlight Bulbs 35W

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D1S D1R D3S D3R HID Bulb Xenon HID Headlight Bulbs 35W


  • Three Times Brightness: HID is about 3200 lumens, the halogen lamp about 1000 lumens, HID consumes approximately 35 watts, about half the halogen lamps of 65 watts.
  • Five Times the Product Lifetime: HID without use tungsten wire as a medium, not only a more stable light output, but service life more 2500 hours, five times than the halogen bulb.
  • Low Power Consumption: Due to its lower power consumption, this D1S D1R D3S D3R xenon bulbs contribute to saving energy and are thus more environmentally friendly than halogen bulbs. With advantages of wide range of illumination and greater light intensity, they will strongly enhance driving comfort and safety.
  • Precise Focal Length: The light same as the original car can avoid glare, Lamp holder with high temperature materials can avoid vaporization and atomization caused by lighting.
  • Safety: Oil-resistant, Heat-resistant and wear-resistant due to the good quality wires and materials, Waterproof can reduce the chance of rain leakage and short circuit occurs.
  • 35 Watts


Package Included :

Pair of HID Bulbs